Still worried about online security?

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Unfortunately there are still more than a few people in the World today who seem to take pleasure and very often financial reward from stealing other peoples Bank and Credit card details, names, passwords and even their whole identities.

If ever there was a time to really go to the next level to protect your online security and personal data and potentially, if your identity is stolen, everything that is dear to you, then it is now.

Why is this even more important today than in the past? Because today, more and more of us, many millions, are far more likely to carry out day to day online activities than we ever did before. These include banking, purchasing goods or even just messaging, chatting, gaming, sharing a recipe or a pattern, or discussing the ball game.

All these online activities raise our exposure to criminal elements in society. Coupled with this, there is far more technology available, which can work to our benefit, but some types of technology can also facilitate such criminals to infiltrate our activities and privacy.

Far from letting this criminal activity stop us from what we want to do, we need to get smart and protect our privacy with whatever means we have available. To that end, I have recently been looking at a platform called Safezone. This is not a new venture and was launched back in 2014 and has been steadily growing ever since. The SafeZone is a network of websites, which are actively involved in setting a new standard of security and privacy on the Internet.


Users of the SafeZone network obtain a secure SafeZone Pass. This pass consists of a unique permanent number, known as a PerNum. This then ensures the protection of your personal data for any online related activity that you carry out on the SafeZone.

How this works is that, instead of entering your email address, for example, let's say to join a mailing list, you would just need to enter your PerNum. The owners of the mailing list would then deliver your requested newsletter through its Safezone servers to your location, without knowing or needing to know who you are. This is all done using the Pernum.

The Safezone servers are all encrypted and protected to a military-grade. All websites on the SafeZone network are secured by this SSL encryption and are scanned on a daily basis to reveal any hacking attempts or possible phishing and malware threats.

Additionally your data is protected by 2-step authentication, plus a pin code system. The net result is that whenever you do any transaction within the SafeZone network, be it a request for further information, making a purchase, or just opening any page, you can rest assured that you are fully protected.

Coupled with the key elements of privacy and security, the SafeZone also has its own up and coming cryptocurrency, the YEM. This is backed by company shares, is strictly limited, underpinning the SafeZone economy.

SafeZone Membership is free with absolutely no requirements to purchase anything once you have joined. Furthermore you will be given some free Yem Cryptocurrency when you join.

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