How to earn HNT using iHub Global  (Join Free Here >>>)


Helium Mining for HNT crypto, is Easy & available to ALL. Get started here in just 2 minutes - You can now easily own and earn from your piece of the HNT Network with i hub global. 

Anyone can now mine Helium with ihub Global.

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Mining HNT is done with Hotspots, using a compact wireless long-range radio technology, about the same size of your broadband router.

You may have heard about the huge amount of energy required to mine a single Bitcoin using powerful GPUs. By comparison, mining HNT uses literally a tiny amount of electricity, about the same as leaving on a 5W low energy lightbulb, costing just a few dollars a week.

The Hotspots then work together to form the NEW global wireless network, under ‘Proof-of-Coverage.’

Even if you are an individual that has never worked with Crypto before, you can do this. All you need to do is register and then install a simple device in your house or office window. That is all there is to it.

You become a part of the worldwide Helium HNT Hotspot network. Your participation, just by installing this small piece of equipment, will help to provide coverage for millions of devices in your area, using the Helium LongFi. 

But best of all, you will earn HNT for doing this.

Set it and forget it, whilst you get on with what you want to do in life.

Plus you can also get paid when you effortlessly share this platform with your friends and colleagues..... 

Get started with the simplest, most passive business in the world and claim your part of the Network:

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