Rainbow Currency, Yem & the Twinklchain

yem smallThe Rainbow Currency

This claims to be a much more private cryptocurrency than most and can only be used after rigorous proof of identity. This feature tends to remove the criminal element, thus aiming to answer the questions from the many people who believe that all cryptocurrency is just for the bad guys and money launderers.

It has been created by over 3000 users from more than 150 countries and therefore claims to be truly a peoples Cryptocurrency. The Rainbow Currency is also known as Your Everyday Money (YEM). It has a managing board, whose mission is to build the YEM into an internationally recognized form of exchange and monetary system, that hopes to become a household name on the Cryptocurrency exchanges.


Yem is now gaining more and more recognition as a valid form of payment and is globally accepted by many online stores and other Crypto friendly points of sale. The transaction fees are claimed to be amongst the lowest in the industry at an average of 0.1% per transaction, with a minimum fee of 0.001 YEM and a maximum fee of 1,000 YEM.

Mining method

Instead of the usual environmentally "unfriendly" mining activities to put Crypto coins in the system, the Rainbow Currency is fuelled and funded by everyday activities by its ever growing network of members within the SafeZone and Unicorn Network. These activities reward the members just for being active within the network, carrying out everyday activities that are quick and easy to do and are largely social in nature.

The 2-Wallet system

This social Cryptocurrency has a unique wallet system intrinsic to the SafeZone open network, which gives you the safest, simplest way of doing online transactions.​ But more importantly, it has been created to solve the security challenges that many other cryptocurrencies face. It does this by adopting a 2-wallet solution in partnership with the Unicorn Network. This ensures that the whole currency network is always fully transparent, decentralized, and safe in the blockchain. It also means that there are no fees, when used to store Yem within the SafeZone network.

The Blockchain System.

Twinkl chain is the name of the Rainbow currency Blockchain.  A  big drawback of the majority of public blockchains is that everybody can see every detail of every transaction, as well as every balance of every wallet. In fact they can see everything but your identity. Guesses about certain individuals can be and are made with certain accounts and the arrangement is not ideal. However, with TwnklChain, nobody but you can see your balances, and nobody can retrieve any personal data from transactions.

Also, many blockchains suffer from overly long transaction times, which does not lend itself to certain payments, especially micropayments which tend to lend themselves to being small amounts requiring authorization "on the hoof".  The TwnklChain blockchain system is set up to process thousands of payments per second, in other words, over 100 million transactions per day.

It is the cryptocurrency whose minimum value is controlled by Rainbow Currency Foundation in order to protect the value of the currency and hence increase its appeal as an instrument for store of value. This feature insulate Rainbow Currency from the wild fluctuation in value experienced by all cryptocurrencies out there which make them worthless as medium of exchange and store of value.


As you would expect, payments are secure. The Yem uses a wallet known as the Pernum. The PerNumPay App just needs the transaction amount and the PerNum of the sender and the receiver. The entire transaction is secured by a random generated One-time PIN. Our payments are faster than any other form of payment with comparable security features.

​Legality and Governance

TwnklChain is fully compliant and prepared for future compliance. The company claims to fulfill all requirements for being an official substitute currency for Euros.

​Find out more about the Rainbow Currency and get your own Wallet here