Bitcoin Wallets, buying Cryptocurrency and sending payments

Bitcoin Wallets, buying Bitcoin / Crytpocurrency & sending payments 

There are many kinds of Bitcoin Wallet, but most people usually use either an online wallet, or more securely for higher levels of investment, an offline Hardware wallet may be employed. Note that when we refer to Bitcoin on these pages, we also include all other Cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin was the first digital currency and has the highest value, it does get a lot of mention, but we do apply the following to all types of Cryptocurrency. 

When most people make their first venture with investment and trading with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies they usually go with a trusted online wallet. The bitcoin wallet provider is just like the commercial bank where you open a bank account to save your local currency. The Bitcoin wallet is usually free to open and should not take you more than 2 minutes to create.

Many people use Coinbase ( ) as it is easy to use on laptop and Mobile phone. The security levels seem strong and there is support in over 42 countries. You can also link your regular bank account from many countries including, but not limited to, the USA and the UK. (Note, there are many more reputable online wallets, but I have been unable to check them all out.)

When you sign up, to prevent fraud and enhance security, you will at some point need to validate your account using a recognised form of ID such as a passport, a Driving Licence or another recognised form of Identification for your particular country. Once the verification process has been done, it is usually a fairly quick process to buy Bitcoin and send Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin payments do not take very long to reach the receiver, so you can be sure that you will not be waiting for your transactions to be where you need them to be.