Press releases and your business

press releaseAs we know the name of the game these days is all about timing. When you have something new to share with the World, you need to get it out their quick before your competitors offer the same or their version of yours... We have just listed a new company listing called Linking News on our Directory that offers a White Label Press Release service for your business. With this you can quickly get your Press Release to market with the Top Tier News & Media Sites.

These include Yahoo, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and many more key media players. This service really is a leveller, meaning that smaller businesses can now access this kind of coverage that was once viewed as

only available for the large corporations.

The good thing also about this service is that the Linking News name is not mentioned on the Press Release, only yours. It is truly White label and truly professional.

Check the Linking News white label Press Release service here