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128BTC has been created to help, in a world of emerging crypto currencies where many are unaware of what they actually do, how they work and how you can benefit from them.

Done in the right way, everyone can earn a small or even a large income. Luck and judgement does come into any kind of investment. 128BTC helps to reduce that requirement and helps to give everyone a level playing field.

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The one time cost to get started with the 128BTC platform is just 0.0005 BTC.

You can register at 128BTC free of charge first of all to have a look around and see what it is all about. When you are ready, you can then activate the earnings element of your business at any time, by simply paying the 0.0005 BTC.

You get paid directly into your Bitcoin Wallet. There are many wallets and it is best to use a decentralized highly reliable one, such as a Binance or Blockchain wallet. I use and find it safe and reliable with 2FA login etc.

No Bitcoin? No worry! If you joined this platform to earn Bitcoin, it may well be the case be that you do not already hold any in your Wallet. This is no problem, as you can also fund your 128BTC account and get started with altcoins such as Tron, BNB, Litecoin or ETH.

There is a great simple to use Back office Dashboard, where you can securely log in and check all your earnings and referral activities etc.

Get started here for just 0.0005 BTC >>>

The Plan
( Click here for the 128BTC PDF Version )

This system is Peer to Peer, meaning no middle man and payments are debited and credited directly into members accounts.

The Peer to peer platform functions on what is known as a 2 x 6 matrix.  This has 2 legs under you and is 6 levels deep.

The reason for 6 levels, is the fact that it is possible that you can earn 128BTC by filling these 6 levels. This the name of the Program.

You will get 2 directs in your level 1, from where you will get 100% payment.

level 2 gives you 50%.

The remaining 50% will go to your upline directly.

Remember in this type of sharing program, how it works is, we pay others and others pay us:

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Understanding the auto donation concept

From level 1, when you get 2 direct members to join your team, you get 0.0010 Bitcoin, but remember, 0.00075 bitcoin will be used for auto upgrade into level 2. We need to understand and accept these auto upgrades for the program to function for us and to ensure our earnings growth through the system.

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When you auto upgrade, you get 0.0030 bitcoin from 4 people. For level 3 you have to then donate 0.0020 bitcoin and you will get 0.016 bitcoin from 8 people.

Level 4 upgrade amount is 0.010 bitcoin and this is where you will get 0.16 bitcoin from 16 people. Upgrade with 0.10 bitcoin in level 5, where you will earn 3.20 bitcoin when 32 people join you.

Finally you upgrade with 2 bitcoins and you will receive 128 bitcoins in your wallet when 64 people join your network in your downline level 6.

BTC 128 Team

This is not all. In addition to this, you will also continue to get 50% of every single person that you place directly in your team structure, after your first 2 direct referrals. The other 50% will go to your direct upline. This irs known as the 2 in 1 power of the system.

128 Bitcoins at todays rate is a huge amount and not everyone will get there, but it can be done. Imagine even just doing a quarter of 128 Bitcoin? That is over 1 Million USD!

Get started Here - in less than 5 minutes and just 0.0005 BTC - around 25 USD >>>

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