XOXO - Beware of a known issue during registration... 

There is a New Update available on Google Playstore for Trust wallet..

The Gas limit problem has been fixed.

Please go to your Google Playstore and update your Trust Wallet.
(make sure you have your 12 word recovery phrase, you might not need it, but Just in Case.....)

If the update is not done, you may face transaction challenges when sending or receiving payments on your Trust Wallet.
It may prevent you from creating an account at XOXO

You may encounter a problem of a failed transaction, even though you may have funds in your Trustwallet.

I have found that this is due to a hidden limit on the transaction fee, also known as "Gas". This is just Ethereum terminology.

To get round the transaction failure, you need to make a change to a setting at a certain point in the registering process.

At step 6. above, where you see the confirm screen, please note the screenshot below.

You need to now change the Gas price .....
error due to low gas limit 1
After you tap the above cog wheel you will see this screen:

error due to low gas limit 2I was advised to change the value to 53 and I was then able to create the transaction.

My strong advice, based on painful recent experience, is do this change when you get to the confirmation screen, before it fails

If you do not change the Gas value, what happens is, your registration may or may not go through. If it does, then great. But if it does not you will have a failed transaction, that will hang around in the background for ages as pending and it will just hold you up in your quest to join XOXO.

It will also take a gas fee off you, even though the actual transaction will probably fail. 

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