The XOXO network is a peer to peer, Ethereum based smart contract network residual earnings platform that requires minimal recruitment. It has some similarities to other programs based on ethereum blockchain technology, including Forsage.

Get just 1 person and you are qualified to earn in any part of the program that you choose.

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The xoxo system offers simplicity and as with any blockchain project, security. 

Xoxo is not a company as such. It is a decentralized platform, run by us, its members, perhaps without many of us even realising..... There are are no administrators for this platform as such, but most importantly this means that there are no human beings involved in the process of running this business and therefore no chance of any person stealing or mis-managing anyone's crypto earnings.

Download the XOXO PDF here

The Xoxo global powerline networking system

This system is built on a single line structure globally. Every new user will be placed under the previous joined user, according to a timestamp at the time of entry.

Every new user pays their entry amount to the user who joined just before them - This transaction is from user wallet to user wallet, otherwise known as peer to peer. All profits are shared between its members. there are no bosses or program managers to take a "cut"

This is entirely done via the Smart contract, with no human interaction. This new kind of Internet marketing requires a complete new way of thinking and certainly less worrying - Your earnings are protected.

➢ Entry for Powerline Autopool 1 :

The entry amount is 0.1 ETH. This cannot vary as laid down within the Smart contract. The new member pays this one off amount to the existing users and this is then distributed according to the Ethereum Blockchain smart contract protocol instructions. This distribtuion process applies up to the 4 levels.  

Entry for Powerline Autopool 2 to Autopool 7 :

As above, the entry amount is paid to the existing users, based on the timestamp and the Ethereum Blockchain smart contract protocols.

Timestamp :

As expected, this gives the exact time and date of all members transactions on the Blockchain Smart Contract.

➢ How to earn:

For Autopool 1 : Just 1 Direct Referral is necessary
For Autopool 2 to 7 : NO Direct Referrals are necessary

➢ Profit :

Every user gets paid by the new users globally and by automatic re-entries on Autopool 2 to Autopool 7.

This means that Autopool 2 to 7 really is a chance to earn passive income, just by the global growth of the Xoxo network. Nobody knows how big this will grow, it is governed only by the amount of Xoxo members / users.

For Autopool 1 every user just need ONE (1) referral to qualify for earnings, distributed according to smart contract protocols up to 4th levels above the joined users. Once user cycle from Autopool 1 will earn 100% capital back of 0.1 ETH

  Level 1 : 50%  0.050 ETH

  Level 2 : 25%  0.025 ETH

  Level 3 : 15%  0.015 ETH

  Level 4 : 10%  0.010 ETH

Members can refer as many people as they wish to earn to gain unlimited referral commissions on Autopool 1.

XOXO smart Contract platform - Register now

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