Voomo Smart Contract Platform has now launched!

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voomo has some similarities to Forsage, including building down 12 levels and using a Trust Wallet or a Metamask wallet, but it also offers increased chances for spillover.

It is also developed on the Ethereum blockchain and therefore has the protections in place that we have come to expect from Blockchain security.

Voomo cannot be changed by program mangers or hackers. Once laid down, no part of the Smart contract can be changed.

The cost to get started with Voomo is just 0.15 ETH which includes Network fees


Voomo on youtube

View the Voomo Youtube Video here

If you feel that you did not join Forsage early, then why not be one of the first to Join Voomo.

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Voomo is available globally, wherever the member has access to the Internet and is legally able to participate in Cryptocurrency transactions within their country of residence.

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