The correct order to register with Forsage

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The correct order of steps in which to Register and get started with Forsage (for Mobile devices)

✅ Then fund your Ethereum wallet using Coinbase etc or credit / debit card
✅ Click *DApps :: then paste this link in the search bar space.
✅ Click Enter. It will then take you to the Forsage website. 
✅ Change Russian Language to English or other choice using the flags.
✅ Click on the Green Button that shows Automatic Login / Registration
✅ Click / agree the check on the next page.
✅ Confirm your Payment for your starter levels.

* DApps icon looks like this :: and is found along the bottom of your Trust wallet screen

More about DApps here


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To all those who doubted .....

Onpassive is really happening
Onpassive Hyderabad Office
Onpassives new office in
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Now over 300,000 Members

The Launch is very close

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