How to create your own QR Code for people to scan your Fxtrading Corp. referral link (or any link at all).
fxvanito QR code 150x150

Further down this article you will be able to learn how you can easily create your own QR code for your FXtrading Corp referral link, but first it is worth reading a quick introduction about QR codes (Sorry if you already know - but many people do not)

QR stands for Quick Response Code. These square barcodes were first developed and used in Japan by car manufacturers, to enable a camera to quickly read the code and identify the contents of boxes and production parts. Just like a barcode, a QR code is just another way to swiftly and accurately read and store information optically.

These codes can be used to display texts, emails, phone numbers, but for us, in particular, websites. You may have even scanned a QR code to view this website. Although we see these familiar block shaped bar codes everywhere these days, many of us cannot create them and some of us do not have the ability to read them. (Well they are really easy and we will show you how...)

Understanding QR Codes
If we are promoting our FXtrading corp business opportunity, it is increasingly important, that we do try to understand the basics of QR codes and how to create and display them. The reason being, is that many people nowadays, wherever possible, will always use a Smartphone with its built in camera, to capture QR codes as their default way of gathering and visiting many website links.

Also FXtrading uses Bitcoin to fund your investment and many people wanting to join this business will already be familiar with the use of the QR codes for their Bitcoin transactions. So we need to keep things as familiar as possible to our audience.

QR codes help to keep it simple 
Another thing where QR codes help, is to cut out the potential spelling and listening mistakes with your FX promotion URL. If you are already familiar with the FX trading corp program, you will know that your referral link is long, not easy to remember and certainly not "tell it to someone over the phone" friendly. Mistakes can and do happen.

Not exactly memorable is it?  

The good thing is that, most popular QR code apps installed on a smartphone today, will automatically open the target website link as soon as the phone captures the QR image. No buttons are needed to be pressed and as soon as your referral link is focused, your FXtrading web page will load in your phones browser. 

So it makes sense to place your easily scanned QR code on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media pages or websites where you are promoting your business.

Here is how it is done:

First - Create a Free FXtrading Corp Account
If you do not yest have your own FX account and a link to promote, you can create a free one here:  (This is my own short friendly link, but if someone has introduced you first, then please use theirs)

Next - Follow these simple steps and create your own QR code for your own FX trading Corp link

  1. Go to this simple, effective Google Chart Api: 
  2. Enter your referral link, using your full http address into this box “Text to embed in QR Code”
  3. Choose your “Image Size” (I prefer 150 x 150 )
  4. Create your QR Code
  5. Save your QR Code as an image and upload it to any pages wherever you are allowed to promote your business!

Hard copy promotion - Dont neglect it!
Remember, things are not all online - You can have cheap business cards and flyers produced with your QR code printed - Folks love to use their phones and scan things.

Also you can take out a small ad in your local newspaper - It will only cost you a few pounds or dollars and you can add your QR code in your advert.

Reading / scanning QR codes
Many smartphones already have a built in scanner with their camera app, but If you do not have one, here is a great free QR scanner app from a highly reputable company, Kaspersky, that you can download to your phone: - or you can search and download free from playstore.
( Note: Always do your own Virus check for anything that you download from any website.)

Short memorable URLS
Finally, in addition to the above highly recommended use of QR codes, I can also produce shorter, easy to remember referral links for anyone who wishes to join my FXtrading corp business. Click here to read more about shorter FXtrading URLs.