➢ What is Trust Wallet?

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Trust WalletTrust Wallet is an Ethereum wallet. It is used to Join Forsage when using your Apple or Android Phone, Tablet or other similar Mobile device.

If Mobile devices as above are your regular method of accessing the Internet, then you can only join Forsage by first installing Trustwallet.

Trustwallet also functions as a Mobile phone Browser itself as well as a Crypto wallet. It has something built in called a Dapps browser with an icon at the bottom resembling this : :

Trust wallet works seamlessly alongside your Forsage matrix program. You absolutely need to have both of these together. 

Trustwallet is usually installed on your mobile device in less than 1 minute.

Click Here first to Download & Install the Trust Wallet onto your mobile device

Note: If you regularly use your Laptop or Desktop Computer to access the Internet, then you will need to download a browser extension called Metamask which is a dedicated wallet for Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave browser, but only for Laptops and Desktops. You can find out more general information in the Faqs page or detailed instructions are here on how to Join Forsage using a Laptop or a Desktop Computer

forsage icon smallClick here to get started with Forsage

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