➢ I joined Forsage - How many people do I need to introduce?

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Smart Contract

Once you join Forsage you will then have your own referral link to share with others.

There are some people who join Forsage and will never refer anyone at all. Well, the nice thing about this program is that they never need to if they do not want to. Nobody can remove anyone from this program. It is still possible that over a long period of time that an inactive person may earn some Ethereum in their wallet, due to something called spillover. But there are of course no guarantees.

Or some of the above people may be in this for a few months or a year and then suddenly decide that for whatever reason they will now introduce this to a few friends or colleagues. Once again, the good thing about Forsage is that they can do this. You can work this business as and when you choose, to suit your life and circumstances at that time. There are no time limits or targets, Forsage is here for as long as the Internet exists.

Some people who join however, may be active Internet Marketers and already have big teams or are able to build such teams. Some people even start out passively as described under the first scenario above and then develop into team builders.

But for most people, you will only need to introduce this to 3 other people, friends or colleagues and then help them to do the same as you. Couple this "get 3" activity with funding your first three levels of X3 and X4 and you will all enjoy a nice residual income. 

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