➢ How do I upgrade to the next level on Forsage?

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After you have joined, if you start to see partners appearing in your team, then you will quickly want to fund your next two or three levels for X3 and X4.

We always recommend if possible that anyone who wants to build even a small team of say three people, funds their first three levels as soon as is possible. This gives the best return for you and ensures that you do not lose any profits if your team members below you decide to upgrade before you do.

When you are ready to upgrade, go to your matrix view as below:

upgrading to next level in ForsageMake sure you click on the buy shopping cart icon, not the blue box next to it.

A dialogue box will then pop up and ask you to Authorize the payment. After you have clicked that, your chosen wallet, Trust or Metamask will ask you to confirm the upgrade payment amount. The upgrade will usually take less than a minute to complete.

upgrading to next level in Forsage - Authorize
Note: You may sometimes get another box to say that you cannot complete the above process whilst in "view Mode" If this happens then logout of View mode, which is found to the left of the country flag icon at the top right of the screen, and then purchase your chosen level using the next method in the box as as below:

upgrading to next level in Forsage

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