➢ How do I solve problems with Trust wallet?

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Trust Wallet usually works very well with Forsage on most devices.

But if you are having any Forsage Wallet related issues with your Phone or Tablet, first make sure you backup your wallet and that you have your 12 word recovery phrase (you hopefully will not have to use it), then try the following:

Restart your Device
This is the most overlooked step. A simple restart or turning the device off and on can often clear any issues with the phone or with the app itself.

Check your Connection
You must be online for Trustwallet to work, so do check that you have an Internet connection. 

Check for Country restrictions
In some cases, your connection will get blocked when you are in a country that prevents you accessing Crypto related sites or apps. Not every country is the same.

Check possible VPN restrictions
Some users may be using VPN for an additional layer of security. The VPN settings may affect the functioning of various Apps, including Trust wallet. You may need to check and adjust your VPN settings, if this is possible for you to access.

Update Your Device Operating System - OS
Newer versions of the Trust Wallet app require that you also have the latest OS on your device. For iOS, you need at least iOS13 and higher. For Android devices, Android OS 6.0 or higher is required.

Install the latest App Version
Trustwallet are always adding new features and fixes to ensure the smooth operation of Trust Wallet. Always check for the most recent version available for your device. But really do make sure that you only Download the latest Trust Wallet version from the official sources.

Test Another Device
You may wish to test if possible, using another device. If you have a spare phone or tablet, install the latest Trust wallet version and see if it works. If it works fine, then the problem could be with your existing phone setup / OS etc.

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