➢ How do I make withdrawals with Forsage?

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A good question!

We have to think differently with Forsage - it is unlike anything else that many MLM or Network marketers have ever seen before. The following may suprise you:

You do not have to request withdrawals....
You do not have to wait for any program owner or "manager" to decide if and when you can have your requested withdrawal.
You do not have to wait to receive your money, period.

Anything that you earn is instantly paid into your Ethereum walllet. Its like an automated payment into your bank account.

This is why you need to use either the Metamask or the Trust wallets. Both of these wallets are coded to work seamlessly with the Forsage programs and will instantly receive anything that you earn with Forsage.

Metamask is used when you use a desktop or Laptop Computer to carry out your Forsage activities.

Trust wallet is for when you use a Tablet or a Mobile phone for your activities.

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