Create a nice easy to remember URL to help to promote your FX Trader Corp business
bitcoinIf you are familiar with the FX trading corp program, you will know that the link that you give to other people when you want them to join your business is complex and certainly not "Radio" friendly. 

As you can imagine, mistakes can easily happen when someone is writing this down or typing it in.

If you join the FX trader Corp opportunity from this website, I can create a you a nice easy to remember URL for you to promote with.

This will be your own personalised sub domain of eg: 

yournamecan be your real name, a nickname, or any word.
Or you can use any two hyphenated words that you wish - your-name. 

For example, I use: - or -

I will enable your chosen subdomain to point to your own Fx trader corp refferal page, (or to any other URL of your choice).

I am pleased to offer this to say thankyou and hope that it will in some small way help you to build your business.

Note: The above offer only applies after you Join the FXtrader Corporation from this page: 
Just send me a message and it will be done!

( Also, please see QR codes - a great way to promote your FX Trader corp business )

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