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OpenAlexa is the latest Smart Contract Matrix program that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The application code is programmed to enable peer to peer transactions according to the specific algorithm within the Smart Contract. The Open Alexa Website is merely a window or a convenient interface for the members to administer their Transactions within the smart contract.

The system has all the security that Blockchain technology brings and cannot be hacked. Your earnings are automatically paid into your own secure wallet, which is 100% controlled by you.

The Open Alexa Smart contract system works on a 2 x 6 Matrix which gives 64 partners in the last line, which when cycled twice has the potential to create significant levels of ETH

Like other Smart contract matrix programs, you just need a Trust wallet, Token pocket wallet, Coinbase wallet or a Metamask wallet to be installed on your Mobile or Laptop.

Here's the best bit - OpenAlexa is the lowest cost Smart contract project out there - Get started for just 0.03 ETH (around 7 USD), plus the usual Ether transaction charge.

View / Download the Open Alexa PDF Presentation / Plan here

Join OpenAlexa here

As always, please remember that there can never be any guarantees of earnings levels with any online program. Always do your own due diligence.

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