Some things that Artificial Intelligence can do for your business

artificial IntelligenceMany people are aware of the words: Artificial Intelligence or AI, but do they really know what this technology can do for their business?

AI is no longer the new kid on the block having first made its entrance as early back as 1956. It is fair to say however that it is a work in progress. However its growth and development, by its very nature, is rapid and exponential.

Deploying AI across many of your everyday key functions within your office or business, can save you time and money, making you super efficient, enabling you and your staff to get on with other tasks that do require your input, or even just giving you more leisure time, with shorter working hours.

Here are just a few areas where your business can be given a helping "AI" hand:

1. Customer Service

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular. They are not half so wooden and user un-friendly as they used to be either. These bots can immediately establish what a new customer requires and funnel down to the required precise area very quickly. Or with the case of existing customers, they can immediately pull the required data that may be on file, preventing that, oh so boring case of having to time and again repeat your details every time you contact the company.

There are many resources available, such as Zendesk, Magneto and Salesforce, that can even integrate with various Social media platforms, including Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype

Governments, Local administration, Health authorities and a wealth of companies around the world are now adopting bots, even if this is only to quickly ensure that people end up talking to the right human being in the right department.

2. Recruitment & Human Resources

The HR function can be handled by a certain degree of automation, especially during the early filtering stages of recruitment. Applicants can be matched, screened and even initially interviewed via machine voice or online question and answer. There is a company called "restless bandit" to name but one, who is involved in such development.

3. Business Management

AI powered tools can be used for scheduling conferences and meetings, sorting out business trips, helping with decision-making support and various other business management activities. 

It is worth noting that you do not have to have a huge organisation to benefit or purchase the kind of software that can provide these functions. If you have a viable business that can benefit, then it is available.

4. Accounting

Many of the accounting and financial processes can now be automated using AI. In fact due to the required highly accurate nature of financial transactions and processes, an Automated approach can lend itself very well to these departments. This isn’t just the numerical side of things either, legal documents can be machine readable with a huge degree of understanding and interpretation.

IBM’s cognitive computer, "Watson" can read many thousands of contractual agreement pages and instantly summarize these along with your criteria input. Remember, with AI, it can lighten the load, but we never need to lose control. This is always our choice.

5. Security

AI can look after your business security at various levels. This can be from protecting your very property and building from intrusion, to of course protecting your software and data form sabotage, violation or theft.

6. Sales & Marketing

And of course Sales and Marketing, which affects everything. AI offers hundreds of different tools for all the different functions required to run a business. It can even plan a product launch, provide a way of finding the best audience for your online Ad, manage the budget, suggest or even make any required changes and even find cheaper options for you to place your ad with.

Onpassive has a range of AI powered tools to help your business to achieve its goals.

Heres to your future success!


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