Are you waiting for as long as possible before joining Onpassive to save money?

Many people say to me, I will join Onpassive as near to launch as possible.

I ask them - Why wait and risk losing out, when the Founders positions dissapear permanently?

Their answer - Because the date that they become a founder is their renewal date 12 months later. So if they leave it as long as possible, they are saving money whilst Onpassive is in pre launch.

Well - it does not work like that! Whenever you become a founder, the start date for your annual subscription renewal is from the date of Onpassive launch. All Founders will have the same date.

So whether you joined 2 years ago or 2 days ago, it makes no difference. Your Founders subscription will be live for 1 year from the Launch date of Onpassive.

Join today, invite a few friends, build a future.

Get started as an Onpassive Founder member today


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