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OnpassiveLike many of our visitors that will be visiting this website, I have been involved in online marketing for many years. My experience has taught me to trust very little that I read nowadays, to do with any so called “opportunity” or “program”, call them what you will.

But, why do I not trust most things that come my way? Because, I have been badly let down so many, many times and lost a significant amount of money. “Opportunities” do fail, often and withought warning.

But why? Well, the reason for these failures has been analysed. I have found, (and this fits in with many of my business colleagues thoughts) that the failure is often not due to the actual program being a bad idea or unprofitable. (yes some are better than others) Nor is it always the case tha because the program in question is a scam or even heading that way.

In fact I have found that most program creators do not have bad intentions, usually just the opposite.
But their programs are not compliant

compliance 2The reason for many of the failures for programs that I have joined, is because they have not been legal and compliant. This means that they have not met certain rules, regulations and required standards in specific states and countries and have simply and quickly been shut down by the relevant financial authorities. This then means that all money invested in said program(s) is lost overnight or instantly. Does this sound familiar? This is especially the case with certain Network marketing or Multilevel marketing programs. (but not all, there are some good long standing ethical MLM programs out there)

So what is the main reason why they fail?

They have no real product or service
No products and servicesOne of the biggest reasons that certain MLM type programs regularly get shut down, is often due to their lack of product or service. With these type of programs, people are often (but not always) just being paid to recruit others. Even the best paying programs, but those withought a product or service, soon get the label of being a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. They rarely last and are almost always closed down by the relevant authority in that particular Country. Sometimes they last long enough for there to be some winners, before they are closed and at that point there are also many losers, having made little or no profit and often not even enough to cover their initial outlay.

Onpassive differs in this key respect of compliance. This is a real company, with many saleable products and services, that is going out of its way, right from the start to be fully compliant in all its dealings, not just in one state but in every state in the USA and not just in the USA, but in every Country that it operates in across the World.

This culture of compliance building starts with the very description of the company. Onpassive goes to great lengths to describe itself as a Platform, rather than just an “opportunity” or a program. Onpassive is not a get rich quick scheme that will be around for a few months, but an ethical, professional Platform, a real true business, that will be around for many years

You can view more about Onpassive products and Services here

So, if you ever wonder why Onpassive is taking a long time to launch, that is because ensuring compliance takes time and is one of the key reasons for any perceived "delay". There are so many things to address before launch and the company really needs to “get this right first time”.

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Onpassive is not an investment program. Anything that a person may receive, who engages with the Onpassive platform, is based on their individual work ethic and other factors beyond their control. Please do your own due diligence, before joining.


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