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The new Automated Marketing platform that's driven by Artificial Intelligence

This is your chance to be a Founder member of a new Internet marketing revolution. 

Very soon, the ONPASSIVE AI Automated Marketing platform will launch.

ONPASSIVE will not be just another online program or a fly by night "opportunity" but a major force within Internet marketing and online commerce for many years to come.

Onpassive will offer a comprehensive and growing suite of highly effective marketing Products, Tools, Software & Services, designed for online marketing success.

OnPassive is set to become a household name within the marketing industry.

I strongly urge all my visitors who are involved in Internet marketing of any description, to become a Founder member, whilst it is still in its Pre-launch stage. 

Whether you are involved in Real Estate, Software, Insurance, Arts and Crafts, Electronics, Cryptocurrency, Vitamins, Car Sales, Food, Drink, Jewelry, Fashion or Flowers, anything at all, if you sell or promote any product or service online, you will need OnPassive. Click here to view the Onpassive Presentation

OnPassive gives you all the tools you need for guaranteed web traffic to your website or app, plus a passive earnings program, that breaks the mold within the MLM / Network marketing industry.

The difference with Onpassive is that it is 100% automated. Once you join the program, everything is done for you. 

There is no recruiting or selling required. You can just set it and forget it.

The ONLY way of joining OnPassive at pre-launch is through the Go Founders team and is by invitation only.

Learn more how you can build and achieve financial freedom with a recurring income. Please view the presentation, it is well worth giving yourself some time to read and absorb fully. It will give you all the detail you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to get involved with OnPassive 
Click here to view the Onpassive Presentation

So far, over 40,000 leaders have joined OnPassive and this is growing daily, ensuring you will not be left alone. You will be alongside and working with some of the liveliest minds out there in Internet Marketing.

OnPassive offers the following:

  • Guaranteed Unique Visitors to your page
  • Leading Edge Marketing Tools
  • 100% Hands Free
  • Huge Income
  • 35,000+ Founder Members
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • An Ethical Solution
  • Definitive residual Income

    The OnPassive Payplan offers the following:
  • OnPassive has a 3 X 10 forced matrix - with spillover
  • Instant Automated payments - no waiting for checks etc
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Everyone gets paid on everyone - a company matrix - Everyone is rewarded with Onpassive.

    favourite iconPlease take a moment to consider this last point.....
    It means that you not only get to increase your online traffic and sales of your own business by using the Onpassive Products and Tools, but you also earn a passive residual income just by being a member of Onpassive itself. This is just one of the things that makes Onpassive so different and why everyone will soon be joining in huge numbers.

Founder membership for OnPassive is currently a 90% discounted one time $97, but only during prelaunch. "Founder membership" means just that - you will be a member of OnPassive ahead of everyone else who joins after the launch date, which is rapidly approaching.

Click here to get started as an OnPassive Founder member