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O-Counting, by ONPASSIVE

O-Counting is a total online accounting software platform, dedicated to providing businesses large and small with a one-stop solution for their business account management and other related fiscal activities.


Capture and maintain records of sales, purchase orders, invoices, chart accounts and cost centres, with multi currency capability. All within a comprehensive ergonomic dashboard.

Keep track of your account payables and receivables all under one roof, with this easy-to-use interface, designed to manage your records for all branches of your businesses, allowing you to access information from anywhere you may be.

O-counting incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, to enable the most up to date comprehensive accounting package available.

Here is the best bit: O-Counting is available free of charge to all Onpassive Founders. So even if you are not concerned about Onpassive, if you are a business owner, do yourself a favour and join Onpassive today, to get full unrestricted access to this amazing, business streamlining software.

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Plus, it gets even better. When you become an Onpassive Founder, you also get access to all of Onpassive products and tools, including O-Staff, the ground-breaking Human Resource management platform.

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