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There is a temporary delay with Tronator. Since launch there have been many errors and delays in the system and these are now being removed. The program will relaunch again soon, I have been assured that all members details and any earnings etc will remain intact and be carried over into the newly designed Smart Contract.

Please revisit this page periodically for updates.

Please note: I am nothing to do with Tronator Admin - I am just an independent promoter, like all of us.


The lowest cost Smart Contract, which gives you automatic referrals and automatic upgrades, for just 100 TRX!

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How to get started:

If you already have a funded Tron Wallet, or Klever Wallet or Token Pocket Wallet for your Mobile phone or Tablet,

or a Tron Link Wallet for your Laptop or Desktop Computer, then please use this link:

Please make sure that this ID number is displayed:


Here are the detailed steps to help you to join Tronator

 👉 Step 1. Download one of the following wallets for Android or iOS Phone or Tablet:
        Tron Wallet, Klever Wallet, Token Pocket Wallet 

        or use Tronlink or Tronlink Pro Wallet for your Laptop or Desktop computer

👉 Install your above chosen wallet on to your device - Links are below:

Wallet Download links:

Install Tron Wallet On iOS

Install Tron Wallet On Android

Install TronLink Pro Wallet on Windows Laptop / Desktop PC

Install Klever Wallet on Android

Install Klever Wallet on iOS

Install Token Pocket Wallet on Android

 👉 Step 2. Deposit 130 TRX at least, to cover joining plus transaction fees (100 TRX is the joining fee)
         If you want to buy more slots you can fund your wallet accordingly

 👉 Step 3. Copy this REFERRAL LINK

 👉 Step 4. Open your Tron Wallet, go to Bottom-Left corner and see the Tron ​​Browser icon

(If you use a Laptop, you simply click on the registration link. Then connect your TRONLINK by clicking where it says CONNECT WALLET TO START)

👉 Step 5. Paste the link in browser, and click on search
Tronator homepage will then open
Click on JOIN
Check the inviter ID number is showing as 7302

👉 Step 6. Then confirm the transaction and the amount will be deducted from the wallet.

YOUR OWN USER ID will then be created *****

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