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State: Colorado
City: Denver

Founder: Marlena Harris
Marlena Harris

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State: Florida

City: Jacksonville

Founder: Lisa R Lee
Lisa R Lee
Bio: Hello Everyone. My name is Lisa. I am a mom and nana (gmom).

I am currently full-time employed and am a full-time doctoral student. I am a soon-to-be early retired individual (after 28 years) that just opened 2 businesses.

I never stop looking for positives; thus, I became a founder with Onpassive. Covid derailed many of us/our plans. But I am confident that being a founder on Onpassive will allow me additional freedom to do what I need to do.

Join me on this founder's journey before they end the offer!

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Whatsapp: +1 904 400 2706

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/3568461689909447

District of Columbia
City: Washington DC

Founder: Kiree Young
Kiree Young
Kiree say's: Onpassive is an online Digital Marketing company using Artificial Intelligence(AI). The company is very unique.

Now is the time to become a founder prior to launch and receive tangible founder benefits..... We look forward to partnering with you. 

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Whatsapp: +1 (301) 744-9546

State: Hawaii
City: Honolulu

Founder: Donna Mae Amina

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Facebook: facebook.com/Donnamaeamina

State: New Jersey
City: Jersey City

Founder: Zakaria Belghiti Alaoui

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Whatsapp: +1 (201) 918-0258

State: St Louis
City: Missouri

Founder: Robert Adams

Robert Adams

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Whatsapp: +1 (314) 322-0001
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robert.adams.39501

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