Join Forsagetron with your iOS mobile or tablet using Token Pocket

Join Forsagetron with your iOS Phone or Tablet

Join Forsagetron on your iOS Mobile phone or Tablet using the Token Pocket Wallet.

1. Download and Install the Token Pocket Wallet onto your Mobile device

Download TokenPocket and either create a new wallet from scratch, or import the settings and balance from another wallet that you may have, using your 12 word phrase.

Select, "I already have a wallet", then import by using the "Mnemonic phrase" option.

If you already have TokenPocket installed, then please just go straight to to step 2.

➢ Click Here to Download & Install TokenPocket

2. Fund your Token Pocket Wallet

The minimum amount to get started with Forsagetron is just 715 TRX (Note: this includes the very small Transaction Fee)

Transfer 715 TRX over to your TokenPocket Wallet

Many people will already use a Digital Currency Exchange, such as Luno, Kraken, CEX, Abra, ShapeShift, BitStamp, etc.

Other funding options:

➢ Changelly - A great Low rate (0.25%) Crypto exchange

➢ Coinmama - Buy TRX with your credit or debit card     

3. Join Forsagetron - Please follow this really carefully

(i) Click the TokenPocket wallet icon on your phone.
Then the home page is as follows:

Token Pocket home screen

Tap on "Discover" 
or the Dapps icon

This will open up the DApps Browser

Copy this referral link:

Then Paste into the Dapps box 
& hit Enter: 

Token Pocket Dapps URL bar

This opens the main Forsagetron page:
Join Forsagetron main page
(ii) Then Tap on JOIN NOW

This will then open up the
Forsagetron account creation screen

(iii) Check correct ID number: 13212
Then Tap: > Automatic Registration <

Next is the payment confirmation screen

 Please Confirm the payment

(vi) The payment may take a while to action. Please be patient

After the transaction is approved, restart the Token Pocket Wallet application.

5. Review

That's it! You have joined Forsagetron!

You can now fund further levels if you are looking to further promote this program and build your own team. We recommend funding level 3 for both the X3 and X4 programs to maximise your earnings.

Make a note of your own refferal link and spread the word.

Thanks for viewing!

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