Golden Matrix

Golden Matrix is a new Smart Contract Matrix program with a difference.

It is like most other Smart Contracts of this type, a peer to peer platform, on the blockchain and can never be hacked, or changed.

But unlike the others, this one does the level upgrades automatically! No need to manually upgrade, no chasing your downlines to upgrade, everyone has to upgrade when there are sufficient funds. But don't worry, you still need only pay a one time 0.05 ETH and all upgrades can come from your funds when you earn them.

What this automatic feature means, is that Team building just got so much easier and Spillover is much more likely.

You can join with a Mobile device, Laptop or Desktop Computer, so fund your Trust wallet, Token pocket, Coinbase or Metamask wallet with just 0.05 ETH, plus some extra for the gas fee and you are ready to go.

As always, I will be looking for leaders to join this with me from USA, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa and other Countries, that I can share leads with in the future, when this really takes off. Please send me a message after you join.

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Further information:

Golden Matrix will be the Ultimate Smart Contract where members that can not or will not refer anyone may be able to benefit more than some of the other Smart Contracts.  This is a unique fully Automated 7-Level 2x2 Matrix System. Unlike most of the other 2x2 systems, this has an unlimited depth for spillover.

When you pay the 0.05 eth activation fee you will be placed on Level 1 in Matrix 1.  Each matrix has 2 levels.  The first level only has 2 positions and the second level has 4 positions.  You automatically get upgraded to upper levels and upper matrices with your earnings.  The 0.05 payment is only sent one time and you never need to send anything else again.  Everything is fully automated including upgrades.

This is the profit that you will make on each matrix level...

Matrix 1 : 0.10 eth
Matrix 2 : 0.30 eth
Matrix 3 : 0.90 eth
Matrix 4 : 2.70 eth
Matrix 5 : 8.10 eth
Matrix 6 : 24.30 eth
Matrix 7 : 182.20 eth

The profit from all 7 levels when totalled is 218.60 eth.

All of your earnings from your levels will automatically be sent to your wallet. 

As always, please remember that there can never be any guarantees of earnings levels with any online program. Always do your own due diligence.

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