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is a global Cryptocurrency investment company, based in South Korea, with almost 900,000 clients based in 183 countries throughout the World. 

The company has been established by a team of professionals who specialise in Forex and Crypto currency. They have created their own software that enables investors to realise profits from Crypto Currency "mining" activities globally. The Crypto coins currently used within this program, include, but are not limited to: Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Etherium and Litecoin.

Using technology and digital currency, the company claim to take sophisticated investment strategies to the people, unlike previously, where this has only been accessible to certain institutions and a select few other wealthy individuals. Fxtrading state that it is particularly focused at helping people who have little or no experience within Investment or Cryptocurrency. This claim is illustrated by the possibility to earn profits automatically, due to the use of the specialist software and Bots technology.

The company generates its profits with a mixture of Traditional and Cryptocurrency trading using a combination of both Artificial and Human intelligence.

(You may wish to refer to our Glossary and Bitcoin FAQ to further understand some of the terminology used on this page )

How this program works
The company has invested 2.2 million USD to develop a system of "Bots" using Artificial Intelligence or AI, on a platform that uses an Automated Arbitrage System. This system yields profits that are based on real-time movements within the ever growing cryptocurrency market. The proprietary algorithm is complex, but the basic premise is, it buys bitcoins and other cryptocurrency when the prices are low, and sells them when they are high. Quite simply, these profits are then passed on to the FX-TRADING clients.

To help understand the above further, contrary to popular belief, Cryptocurrency can trade at various different exchange rates with different fiat (traditional) currencies throughout the World at any given time. These "Bots" are able to seek out this market fluctuation activity and buy Crypto currency at the lowest rates and then sell when they are at the highest. This activity works almost entirley automatically on a 24/7 basis.

How do I participate?
There are two elements to this programme:

1. Investment

People quickly become engaged with this investment program due to the speed and the evidence of the results. You simply add your required level of funds, with a minimum starting level of 100 USD. 

You then need to do nothing at all, other than log in and check how your investment is progressing, whenever you like. You let the software do the work. You will see daily growth, which is currently yielding at around 1.5% per day as of 14th April 2019.

Compare this to a traditional savings account. I am advised that an APR of 4% can be gotten with some US banks, (This rate is much higher than can be found in the UK).
This equates to a daily interest rate of just 0.01 %. I am also advised that you need to commit for 7 years to get this rate!

If you wish to arrange a phone call or a private chat session, I will be more than happy to show you my daily growth stats for my one time, extremely small investment. Please send me a private message on Facebook.

There is no charge to create an account. This allows you to check out further details about the program and the back office etc - no investment is needed to do this. You can then add your funds whenever you wish, or not - You decide. 

2. Network Marketing business opportunity element
This is entirely optional, you can be active or passive in this. If you were to just invest a larger sum than a few hundred dollars, the return on this would be quite significant, based on the current daily performance, effectively quadrupling every 200 days. This amount would be quite worthwhile to many people and they may decide to do nothing more than that.

However, when you invest any sum with FXtrading Corporation, you are automatically eligible to participate in the referall part of the business and you will only want to do this after you have satisfied yourself that it is working for you and giving you a return on your investment.

Participation for me was an easy decision. The reason being, I have already invested and can see my investment is growing daily and I can withdraw money whenever I need to. I now have trust in this and have proven to myself that it works. Therefore, because I am confident in the program, it is a natural and easy thing for me to mention this to my family and friends and they may also decide to invest.

By the way, that is all there is to Network marketing, in its simplest and most effective form. If something is good for you, you will naturally want to tell others, who will then do the same. This refferal activity gives you an additional income on top of your investment. If you are interested to view the compensation plan, you can find it all in the back office when you create an FX Corp account for free.

Important Note: The daily growth continues with FXTrading corporation and I am extremely positive, but, it is essential to mention, that with any investment, losses as well as profits can be made, which includes this program. Therefore my own rule is and always will be, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Do I need a Cryptocurrency account for this?
Yes - You will need a digital currency exchange platform to fund your account, using Bitcoin. There are quite a few out there, but I use Coinbase as this seems to me to be the most secure, (using two stage validation and other safeguards to prevent account hack attemps). They all charge fees for transactions, but are free to create an account.

You will pay your investment to FXTrading in Bitcoin and you will receive your investment profits from them in Bitcoin.

Further information about FX Trading Corporation:

Board Members
오 영민 (Young Min Oh)Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder
Han 하나 (Hanna Kim)Investing Partner
박 준 (Joon Park)
Chief Financial Officer / Co-Founder.

23 Trading professionals

Number of countries active

Number of active users

How can I get further information?
You can read more on the website at www.fxtradingcorp.com 

Please note: If you want to sign up to either make an initial investment, or just create a free account, there is no link on the FX website to enable your to do this, only a login page is available for exisiting members. You will need to get a specific link from the person who introduced this to you, or you can sign up for a free FXtrading Corp account at this link I will then be pleased to guide you in your further development within this programme

There is no requirement to invest anything. You can create your account and then have a detailed look at the plan and the various back office tools etc. before deciding your next step.

The FXTradingcorp program is available in various languages - click here

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