Faxt Coin

Faxt coins are still for sale at only 5 cents - Nows the time to buy - They won't be as low as this for long .....

Faxt Coin

The Faxt coin is currently in its ICO stage. All Faxt coins will pre-mined, which will enable much faster sending and receiving and very low transaction fees.

Faxt is currently just 0.05 USD per coin, with no upper or lower limit to purchase. 

How much will they be worth after full launch?
Like any ICO, nobody knows - maybe just half a cent each, maybe the same, or perhaps a little more. My estimate is around 1 USD .....

This coin will exposed to Millions across all continents, who are eager to trial its new payment system and secure wallet on its own Blockchain.

You can also earn 6% commision when you share this new coin with others.

You can register and buy your own Faxt coins here

Please note that if you do not use the above link to view the Faxt coin website, you will need to enter a code, should you wish to register - If this is the case, then please use 192BBDF9 ( I tried many times to register, but if you do not enter a refferal code it will not let you.)

FAXT Facts

Ticker: FAXT 
Max Supply: 100,000,000,000

3% of the total available volume for the remuneration of its promoters,
7% for developers,
10% for future pool currency appreciation,
30% for its mining activities,

50% for direct currency sale.


11/13/2019 - Project Launch

11/15/2019 - Pre sale - $0.01 cents 20 billion currencies.

11/25/2019 - 1st ICO Round - $0.03 cents 10 billion currencies

12/05/2019 - 2nd ICO Round - $0.04 cents 10 billion currencies.

12/15/2019 - 3rd ICO Round - $0.05 cents 10 billion currencies.

12/30/2019 - Blockchain Mining

01/03/2020 - Exchanges

02/28/2020 - Event in Dubai

03/15/2020 - Coinmarket Cap

All information detail, including its blockchain system, distribution, and supply route are in this document.

It Is available in : English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.
Download the whitepaper here at the Faxt Coin website

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