Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix Programs / Platforms & Apps for earning ETH

The Platforms listed below have many things in common:

  • They are all basically Computer programs called Dapps that run on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The Smart contracts for these Dapps are written by humans, but once launched, they cannot be tampered with by anyone, or anything.
  • They all have a website to enable administration of the Smart Contract transactions, but the Smart Contract will still function without any website.
  • They all work in conjunction with a particular type of Wallet installed on your Mobile device or Computer
  • They are all a single low cost to get started, typically 10 to 20 USD, depending on the USD/ETH exchange rate.
  • Any earnings that you make from these platforms are paid instantly into your chosen wallet at the moment the transaction occurs.
  • You never need to request withdrawals - There is nobody that you can even request from!
  • The funds placed in your wallet are known only to you and controlled only by you.

Here are some Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix Programs / Platforms which you may wish to Investigate further:

The Singh Smart Contract platform is the latest and greatest...?

Well who knows, but one thing is certain. It is a bit different when it comes to the team sharing or spillover element. Almost all the Smart contract Matrix earnings programs / platforms nowadays have two programs within them. One is to reward those that are team builders and can recruit others and the other is for those that are team sharers and the extra people that are recruited go to create something called spillover, which is shared by everyone within the Matrix of those members.

The Singhs ETH Matrix calls this their S6, which means that instead of a 2 x 4 matrix like the others, it has a 3 x 6. This may sound like more work and waiting is required before you are paid, but what it actually means, is that more spillover is available with the Singhs Smart Contract than many of the others - Well, Let's see. 

But at only 0.03 ETH to get started with Singhs ETH, one of the lowest, it is surely worth a punt!

Further information about Singhs can be found here

Lions Share
Also called Lionshare 
Lions Share is similar to Forsage and will also offer 2 aspects to its Smart Contract - L1 and L2. This means that you can earn by team building in L1 and there is a spillover element in L2. There is a huge following for Lions Share, we have had tens of thousands of visitors to our Lionshare page

Further information about Lions Share can be found here

This is seen by many as the "daddy of them all"
Forsage offers two programs within its platform - The X3 is for those that like to refer others and build teams and the X4 is for those that would rather invest for the longer term and then wait for Spillover, also known as "Overflow" 
Forsage is still on the increase with over 7000 members a day joining.

Further information about Forsage can be found here

This is also a Smart Contract Matrix and has been going for just over 1 week and already numbers are growing and the program is functioning well. A good chance to get in early with an additional reward system in place.

Get more information on OpenAlexa here

If you feel for some reason that you did not get into Forsage early enough, then you may wish to look at Voomo. It is about to launch on July 1st and will be your chance to get into a Smart Contract program from day one. It's operation will be very similar to Forsage and will also have a spillover system.

Find out more about Voomo here

A brand new Smart Contract Matrix program that has been going for just a day or so. More details are on the main page.

Get more information on Neun here

Unlike Forsage, Voomo and Open Alexa, XOXO is a single line Global team structure. Everyone who joins is placed in a straight line, after the previous person. In this way the entire group gets bigger and bigger and a global earnings pool is formed. It is still built on an Ethereum Smart Contract and still pays to your chosen wallet. Only one referral is required to start earning.

Click here to get XOXO information

Please note: Although the above Smart Contract Matrix platorms all have many things in common, they are not related to each other in any other way and are created by different people.

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