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bitcoin earnBitcoin and Cryptocurrency related search topics are now at their highest levels since November 2018, according to Google. In particular Bitcoin earnings programs are up there near the top, as well as Bitcoin Investment and Bitcoin growth. People have now become aware of the potential for either supplementing their existing income in a moderate way, or even making a serious living, with a degree of luck and some good judgement. But do remember, when investing and earning with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, by it's very volatile nature, there will always be winners and losers.

The good news is that there are some ways to earn varying amounts of Bitcoin, withought too much risk or cost. However, the main thing is that they are not to be rushed. "Attempt wealth in haste and repent at leisure" is one of my favourite (adapted) sayings. It is possible for you to build a nice Bitcoin balance, gradually, with a handful of emerging companies, who offer some interesting features and lucrative earnings with their programs.

Just two of these programs are mentioned below and include Education and Investment as their core. One of them only enables earnings, when you refer their program to others. (But it has a great system in place to help to get those "others" in your team.) The second program pays you a high rate of daily profit, with absolutely no requirement for downline recruitment. But there is also an additional way to earn, which means that if you do refer others, your earnings can be increased significantly.

Note that both of these programs require a Bitcoin Wallet address, easily to obtain, understand and to manage. They are both funded with Bitcoin to get you started. The internal workings and operation of the businesses are then automatically converted to US Dollars. When your earnings are then due to be paid to you by each program, they are then converted back to Bitcoin and paid into your BTC wallet. Most Bitcoin earning and investment programs operate in this mixed traditional and Crypto currency method.

Here we go:

AutoBTC Builder - Cryptocurrency Education

abb logo

AutoBTCBuilder, also known as ABB, offers an enlightening Bitcoin / Crypto educational program, now with an even lower figure of just 0.0056 Bitcoin to get you started at the feeder level. You work your way up through different levels with this program, each time accessing more advanced levels of Crypto education, whilst at the same time accessing higher levels of Bitcoin earnings.
The earnings system is based on a simple 2 x 2 matrix, with various levels, requiring 2 referrals whereby the successful cycling of each level will then pay you enough to fund your next level. As mentioned with this program, patience is the key and with time, it is possible to get to the top level 6, which earns 12 BTC, potentially all from just a one-time initial payment by you of 0.0056 Bitcoin

Some interesting things to help your activities and earnings potential with AutoBTC:

spillover smallThe ABB business model has a "follow me" type of matrix, so once you get your two people, if and when you move to the next level, it is in your first level team members' financial interest to also follow you to the next level, as it will be in their first levels interest to follow them etc. This type of referral plan means that you only ever need to refer two people, after which any of your future referral efforts will then create spillover, which will then help your two to get their two etc. Remember, this means that the person who got you into this business will also be working to create spillover for you. This then, is a true team business and team spirit is often talked about in Multilevel marketing. But it is worth noting that very few Network Marketing or MLM companies actually manage to achieve this level and effectiveness of spillover that the ABB system does.

ABB Rotator system: This makes the AutoBTC business even easier, in that it helps you to get your first two people and even more people beyond that, for their team. A Rotator is simply a method of placing like minded people in your business. It is simple and effective if worked correctly. There are various independent teams of investors within ABB who operate such rotators, with great success. A Rotator recruitment system takes the effort of recruitment away from people who want to be involved in the business, but for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to engage with others to build their team.

F2 Trading Corp - Bitcoin Investment earnings program

f2 logo small

The F2 Trading corp program is different than ABB, but still gives the everyday person a way to to invest and earn bitcoin, with just a one time low starting level and then they watch that investment grow every day, 5 days a week. The start up investment is 100 USD and this then pays you back around 1.5 USD per day - This doesn't seem very much, but that is a consistent return, day after day and you will get back 400 USD in 200 working days, so not counting weekends. This type of Bitcoin accumulation is realistic and anyone can do it withought ever having to recruit anyone else. But once again, it requires time and patience if you want to see a large amount in your wallet, withought investing more than 100 USD. You can of course put more in and see the higher gains, your choice entirely. But note the following.....

Where it gets interesting... after the 200 days, you can then either withdraw your 400 USD, or you can just take out your original 100 USD and re-invest the balance to fund the next level which is 300 USD. This will then return 1200 USD in another 200 days - and this is all from your original 100 USD (which you now have back). Then after another 200 days, you can re invest again and will have 4800 USD and so on. (You can actually invest up to 50,000 USD and some people do, but that's for another day:-) Any amount that you have invested in F2 Trading earns you up to a claimed 3% profit a day, but in reality it always works out to be more like 1.5 to 1.6%. This however is still a huge daily growth, compared to what you will get by placing your 100 USD in a bank and the resulting puny interest rate that is achieved (and best measurable in a year, as the interest rate is too small to be noticed for a days growth).

There is also an optional, powerful Network marketing element to F2 trading, but many people do not engage in this, at least not to start with, if at all, as they first see how the Investment side is performing. However, when they see that it is working for them, they will naturally want to share their “new discovery” with a few of their close acquaintances, therefore the Network marketing side happens in a very natural and easy way to promote. As you can appreciate, there are some very big earners worldwide with the F2 trading programme.

Spillover is also created by F2 Trading members by your team above, which greatly adds to the earnings potential of those who are actively building their team.

gofounders smallonpassive smallThere is a new Company at pre-launch - Onpassive / Gofounders enables earnings simply by joining, whereby you are entered into a company wide 3 x 10 matrix, which they build it for you. This means that you do not have to build your own business, (but if you do, your earnings are significantly increased. ) The Company is about to fully launch. Currently you can join this at a one time 97 USD, but this is not expected to remain at this rate following the launch.

You can choose to pay to join in Bitcoin (or other ways) and your earnings can also be paid in Bitcoin

You can find out further information on this webpage or you can view a video and pre-register for free at the Onpassive / GoFounders website.

Other programs will be added here as and when they emerge.....

I am an active independent investor and involved in marketing activities with various external companies. I am not an employee of these companies.

Remember there is never any easy route or guarantee about earnings. You must do your own independent due diligence and take full responsibility for your own financial decisions for the future. Please understand that any online business has its risks. Also, the trading of cryptocurrencies is a very high-risk activity, with extremely volatile market changes which can result in significant losses.



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