➢ What are DApps?

DAppDApps is an abbreviation for Decentralized Applications that run on a distributed computing system and are based on Blockchain technology.

Most of the current DApps now are utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT) such as the Ethereum Blockchain. DApps are often referred to as smart contracts. In essence, a DApp has the following characteristics:

These types of applications can’t be shut down, and they cannot even have any downtime.

Open Source – The source code is intentionally made available to the public, meaning that anyone is able to verify, use, copy, and modify the code.

Decentralized – Since DApps run on blockchain networks, they are not controlled by a single entity or authority.

Cryptographically secure – The application is protected by cryptography, meaning that all the data is recorded and maintained in a public blockchain.

Forsage is such a DApp.

When you download the Trust Wallet and install it on your mobile phone you will see reference to the DApp browser. This is a Browser that is built in to Trust Wallet and is purely used to search for DApps.

To open the DApp browser on your Trust wallet look at the bottom of your screen and usually just after the Trust Wallet icon shield, you will see the DApps icon as follows  :: see below

Dapps screenshot smaller

When you join Forsage you will need to paste the entire Forsage link that your sponsor gives you into the top address bar of the DApp browser, for example https://forsage.io/i/ffxpqt/


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